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the wind...

...and the dandelion represent Anna's professional mission

The site helps professional networking as well as to keep her audience informed about Anna’s workshop offer. SEO does good service to let her message fly. 
Photos: Silvia Paredes

a house

reflects a person's needs

This old house and virtual garden on the banks of Manzanares are a symbol. Our psyche is the home of our dreams where we find shelter and we are connected with everyone. Nurturing our psyche makes our life feel safe and enjoyable.

the green vintage seat

conveys relaxation, recovery and a sane connection to our past

By launching this trilingual fit Site, Anna Mª Wittkowsky establishes  her international offer of online therapy. The «flying circus» of illustrations stands for her methodical focus: imaginative therapeutic approaches. The green seat in the beginning only was part of the tale, then has turned out to be a good logo.

Photoshop Illustration

the “Kant reel”

is about films and philosophy

During a couple of years a UCM investigation team published their events and articles under this title. The image is a hybrid of logotype and title illustration.

an open lounge

stands for modern didactic concepts between cyber space and face to face

cbc and sh use to live on different continents, but they work together closely. On the platform the team informs about the their current projects and upcoming events for German language teachers. Aswell there are provided free online live seminars and useful free download material.


= the copyshop on calle del Pez

This minisite is built on a blogger template. Navigation is agile,  icons give a quick overview over the shop offer. Free downloads support people in producing their own cards and flyers sustainably.

the green heart

also beats in your chest. Listen to it and you'll feel better! is my own website with which I want to contribute to increasing environmental awareness in my area, Madrid centre. The site contains a lot of useful information and inspirations – for residents as well as for temporary neighbours. Everybody can help save the planet. Because what we don’t buy, will not be produced anymore.

cost down speed up

Rebuilding this website on a new server was not only cost-saving, but also offered a good opportunity for text and graphic improvements. hence I added internal links and did some SEO, too.

In web design, like everywhere else, photography is what really fascinates people. Check out our photo series for inspiration. Our photos are created with a philanthropic spirit and commercialized with the same sense of justice.

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