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Graphic design, copywriting, typography and publishing… Do you think that Apps can do it all? – Well, they can’t. Apps process, mix and swirl accumulated information, but innovation, uniqueness and a specific feel of expression are not their task. 

Design is a hybrid subject of cultural knowledge and creativity. Each project brings new input and no design can look the same way as others do.

If You want to achieve a nice looking specific brand outfit that transmits right what You want to express, get out of Your bubble and speak with a professional graphic designer. Team up with him or her. Embrace the chance to develop your ideas further than you could on your own.

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Used as trademark, the logo is the core element of corporate communication. Branding is essential in a competitive environment. (That is: everywhere among our species.) Consider: Since time immemorial, man has affixed the coat of arms throughout his county, branded livestock, automobiles… All sorts of modern industrial products ar branded. So shield your own business by a professionally designed logotype. It will bring specific associations into the audience’s minds and convey complex information.

The website’s owner is the one who knows the contents best. However, good communication with the audience is an additional task. Laid out lines read differently than the script. Let us do all to achieve a good reading experience.

Some years ago we started producing «fit photos» because we wanted to offer stock images that are humanly honest and culturally near. We started with enthusiasm and produced four or five series. I do love the photos. Selling is another theme, though… Now so called artificial intelligence gives our plan new relevance… Let’s remain individual, lively and a bit imperfect = human friendly.

On good websites, the images are carefully edited in order to be as expressive as possible, to fit into the layout and to support the brand. If you want to learn about the opportunities to improve, optimize and tune photos, visit my

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